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Make your home ready, so everything is set up in your home before you even land.

Most people move to Israel and find they have made one or more of these big mistakes:

  • Packing too much furniture

  • Find the furniture they have shipped or bought doesn't fit in the apartment

  • Bringing way too much stuff without considering storage

  • Arrival before your furniture and have no furniture or even basics like a fridge, washing machine, sofa or bed

  • Setting up from Israel and not knowing who to contact, trust, or arrange their households

  • Limited support and contacts in Israel

We offer services that ensure, when you arrive, your house planning is in order

  • Help you decide to ship or to shop

  • Plan your home layout

  • Plan your home requirements

  • Interior design and decorating services

  • Professional support and advice

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"Moving from a large home to a small flat in Israel was a massive adjustment. Tama has helped me make my home amazing. I love my home here because of her wonderful guidance and advice."

Sara Abro

Nice to meet you

My name is Tama Shitrit. I am an Interior Designer and the owner of Home Ready. My office specialises in practical interior design. Our professional and uncompromising service has led to many successes both with Israeli clients and Olim.

Our vision is to provide an amazing and seamless experience when moving to Israel.

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